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Radiation Hormesis

Compilation by Jay Gutierrez

Radiation Hormesis - Research compilation

The following articles give an overview on radiation hormesis. The first two are ones that were written by people that I have worked with using the stone. Next are articles that are abundant with information, history, and research.

  1. Radiation Hormesis Overview. T.D. Luckey
  2. Jay Guiterrez Introduction - Excited about the Cure
  3. Radiation Hormesis: Magic Stones and Cancer, Part One and Part Two. Jacob Schor, ND
  4. Can Cancer Be Treated with Low Doses of Radiation. Jerry M. Cuttler, D.Sc and Myron Pollycove, M.l.
  5. Application ofLow Doses ofRadiation for Curing Cancer. Radiation Science & Health Inc.
  6. Radiation Hormesis, or, Could All That Radiation Be Good for Us? Jennifer L. Prekeges, MS, CNMT
  7. Resolving the Controversy over Beneficial Effects ofIonizing Radiation. Jerry M, Cuttler
  8. I's time to Tell the Truth About the Health Benefits of Low-Dose Radiation. James Muckerheide
  9. Using Low Dose Radiation for Cancer Suppression and Vitalization. Dr. Sadao Hattori Interview
  10. Underdosed. Tom Bethel
  11. There Has Never Been a Time that the Beneficial Effects of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation were Not Known. James Muckerheide
  12. Disinfecting Wounds with Radiation. Jerry M. Cuttler
  13. Radiation Hormesis: Demonstrated... Joel Kauffman
  14. Personal Accounts (Gutierrez) Part 3 and Part 4
  15. Protocols - Fungus, General Protocols
  16. T.D. Luckey Correspondence
  17. Hattori Study Results
  18. Electrical World 1897.

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