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Oxygen Multistep Therapy has been in continuous use in Europe for 30+ years with virtually no safety issues. Safety results from oxygen use far within well established safety limits. In simple terms the system capacity for Live O2 and Extreme O2, simply cannot deliver enough oxygen for long enough to be harmful.

  • The system only holds enough oxygen to deliver rich oxygen for approximatley 15 minutes. Breathing pure oxygen for more than 12 hours is required to produce oxidative lung damage. This is a 48:1 safety margin.
  • Other varaints which deliver prolonged oxygen limit flow to less than 60% oxygen concentration that produces no lung damage regardless of duration.

Oxygen related harm only occurs under extreme circumstances:

  1. When a respiratory mixture of pure oxygen is used for more than 12 hours at 1 atmosphere
  2. When a respiratory mixture of pure oxygen is used for shorter periods - as tested at 19+ atmospheres.
  3. Never when respiratory mixtures at less than 60% are used at 1 atmosphere
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Detoxification and Herxheimers reactions are common as well as discomfort relating to improved immunologial performance. These effects are documented in the appropriate protocol disclosures.

Too Much Oxygen

Here are the research papers relating to oxygen use and safety that relate to oxygen poisoning. Generally oxygen poisoning only occurs at an equivalent depth of 580 feet for prolonged periods.

Super-concentrated oxygen, 18x normal, (impossible without military-grade equipment or deep diving), produces oxygen poisoning. Breathing pure oxygen for more than 12 hours continuously can harm the lungs.

Prolonged oxygen use known as Oxygen Therapy when used for long periods, in excess of 12 hours continuous use with oxygen concentrations greater than 60%, can cause harm by oxidative stress.

Ardenne's protocols, and LiveO2 are safe because they are well below levels for concentration and duration that produce harmful effects.

Validity of the safety margin is reflected by the complete absence of negative effect from his protocols that have been in continuous use for 30 years, relating to oxygen toxicity or respiratory oxidative damage - here.

Oxygen Toxicity

In 1947 the British military discovered that oxygen could be toxic, Oxygen Toxicity, as a result of underwater research. The same research discovered that Nitrogen (78% of air) caused Nitrogen Narcosis.

This research determined that super-concentrated oxygen, 18x normal, (impossible without military-grade equipment or deep diving), produces oxygen poisoning.

  • Ardenne'sprotocols use oxygen at far less than these levels, and have never been reported to cause harm or produce oxygen toxicity symptoms, in any person. Atlhetic protocols, have over a 75% safety margin; and non-athletic protocols have a 95% safety margin. Here is a detailed analysis relative to the athletic protocols.

According to the research documentation, oxygen toxicity effects cannot occur with Oxygen Multstep Therapy or LiveO2 systems - because they cannot produce high enough levels of oxygen for a long enough period of time to produce these effects.

Oxidative Stress to Lungs

All systems, including LiveO2, limit oxygen within known safe levels.

Athletic variants limit rich oxygen to 15 minutes, by protocol, and physical capacity. The physical capacity of the system is below the total volume which can produce harm.

with rich oxygen, up to 50 l/min, and 2 hours with enhanced oxygen, up to 10 l/min, which allows a 95% safety margin below the long-term onset of oxidative lung damage. Similarly these systems are only used under exertion, which maintains CO2 balance, and avoids respiratory dysregulation.

Oxygen and COPD

It is well known that oxygen should never be used, alone, by any person with COPD. See Effect of Oxygen on obstructive pulmonary disease.

No Person with COPD should ever:

  • Use a Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Breathe a high concentration without exercise (which sets CO2 Balance)

This is dangerous because extra oxygen can lead to increased CO2 retention, which in turn leads to respiratory failure.

However, the combination of oxygen with exertion is highly therapeutic for individuals with COPD. Ardenne developed several highly successful protocols that use supplemental oxygen, combined and exercise or pharmaceutically increased heart and respiratory rates, to restore respiratory function in these same individuals.

These protocols are listed here:

NO high concentration OXYGEN SYSTEM SHOULD BE USED without exercise. Exercise produces Carbon Dioxide to balance the metabolism. Individuals with extremely compromised respiratory systems should NOT use a hyperbaric chamber at all because it can disable their respiratory reflex.

These same individuals CAN use LiveO2 or Oxygen Multistep Therapy because these therapies include activity that preserves and enhances CO2/Oxygen balance, to support and restore respiratory reflexes.

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